The smallsword, a French innovation of the 1650’s, was essentially the final form of the rapier and considered by many to be the crowning achievement in “sword evolution.” Light, quick, and deadly in the hands of one skilled in its use, the smallsword was the discerning gentleman’s sidearm of choice from the mid 17th to the early 19th century. Smallswords featured a stiff triangular blade solely suitable for thrusting and a simple guard for the hand, usually consisting of nothing more than a small plate, finger guard, and knuckle-bow.

The majority of our smallswords are custom made. Please note that, unless specified one of a kind, those listed below represent general groups with similar basic characteristics within which will be found slight variations in either hilt or blade.  Be sure to call in advance to check on availability or with specific inquiries.

Classical Smallsword32 inch blade; 1 ¼ pounds.
The bronze alloy hilt of this weapon is a classical design seen on many swords of the period.
Hollywood Smallsword32 inch blade; 1 ¼ pounds; one of a kind
This sword has an elongated grip and simple bronze alloy guard.
All Steel Smallsword32 inch blade; 1 ¼ pounds; one of a kind
This sword has a simple steel hilt with no knuckle-bow.
Bi-lobate or Boat-shell Steel Smallsword32 inch blade; 1 ¼ pounds.
This sword features a steel hilt with either a bi-lobate (divided into two “lobes”) or boat-shell guard. Pictured is the boat-shell guard. There are many designs for this sword. Grips are wrapped either in leather or dyed stingray skin.
Silver Hilt Smallsword32 inch blade; 1 ½ pounds.
This sword has a larger hilt than normal but is still light in the hand.
Fancy Smallsword32 inch blade; 1 ¼ pounds; one of a kind
This sword has a finely carved pommel and a grip made of ray skin dyed blue. This sword is available with matching blue leather scabbard, hanger and belt with ray-skin insets.
$15 with matching scabbard, belt, and hanger

* 4 week minimum for all rentals. Scabbards with associated frog, baldric, or hanger are $2.50 when available. Simple frogs are always supplied free of charge.