Pricing / Policies

We have an incredibly diverse selection of weapons but not an unlimited one. The very best advice we can give is to plan ahead. We can run out of even our most numerous weapons, like rapiers and broadswords, during busy periods. If you are looking for something very specific, we might even be able to have weapons custom made for your show, given enough lead time. For example, one production really wanted tulwars but was unable to find them anywhere. The fight choreographer contacted us long before production began, the director supplied us with a photo of exactly what she wanted, and we were able to have the swords made.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is waiting until the last minute. At best you won’t get exactly what you want or will have to pay to get your order shipped overnight (see the shipping tab to get an idea of how much that can affect your budget); at worst you might end up arming Macbeth with a pool noodle or US Marines with your nephew’s water guns. That being said, we realize that last minute changes are not usually the responsibility of the person contacting us, so we will do everything we can to meet your needs with lightning speed! Contact us with any questions… any time.

We require a signed rental agreement as well as payment before we ship your order. Paperwork will be sent to you via email and may be returned via regular mail or scanned and emailed back to us.

We accept payment by company check or credit card. We do not accept debit cards. Credit card payment is our preferred method but please do not send the information through email. We will take your information over the phone. Payment must be received before we ship your order.
Please note that first time clients unaffiliated with an established production company, university, theatre, etc. must provide a refundable deposit.

Prices are listed next to each weapon and reflect a weekly rental. Each weapon has a four week minimum. Pricing does not include shipping.

Scabbards and associated hangers, frogs, or baldrics are available for most pieces at an additional weekly fee, usually $2.50 per weapon. For theatres on a tight budget or for a “bare bones” look, simple frogs are always provided free of charge with each weapon. If you have a large order or a lengthy production schedule, contact us about a rental package.

To see how rental prices compare with purchasing weapons, see our FAQ page.

Weapons (and all other items) are due back within one week of the contract end date. After this period, late charges will accrue on a weekly (or portion thereof) basis. We will automatically charge your credit card for these fees as they accumulate or, in the case of a PO, send an invoice once the items have been returned.

We use UPS exclusively and charge only what it costs us to get the weapons to you. Shipping times range from 1 business day (Mid-Atlantic states) to 5 business days (west coast). Contact us for an estimate on shipping costs and delivery time.

To get some idea of what last minute shipping can cost, compare the difference between these two orders:

1 Box; 36” X 12” X 14”
10 pounds
Austin, Texas4 days$15.50$102
4 boxes total:
2 Boxes; 24” x 24” x 24”
1 Box; 42” x 12” x 12”
1 Box: 80” x 8” x 8”
NYC, NY2 days$120$500