Rubber Prop Weapons

Our rubber props are actually made from C-1520 which is actually a very tough semi-rigid liquid plastic. It gives the prop guns a nice heft with a very slight give in the barrel. Our 13″ hammer has a fair amount of give in the handle but little or no wobble common with other types of rubber used in props. Each piece is exact in size scale and appears authentic even in close-up. The axe pictured below was cast from the US Army issue axe my father carried in WWII. Check out the weights below in comparison to their “real” counterparts.

We also cast “thinner” props in a urethane resin that cures to a slightly more rigid plastic; Smooth-cast 60D. This product is typically caramel in color but we generally add tint to the object turning it black or shades of grey depending on the individual piece.

For the C-1520 we can add in “Silver Bullet” cast powder to give a metallic sheen to certain parts of our props, such as the hammer head and the grips on the derringer below. The urethane plastic we use can also be painted. The paint of preference is the type used on automobile bumpers and can be found in the auto section of most large stores like Target. Enamel paints sold in hobby stores also work just fine. Really any type of plastic paint will work but the ones mentioned above will flex better and will need less touch-ups.

These props are available for rent or for sale. The cost for items that we stock is listed below and the list is constantly expanding. We can make molds and cast items based on your originals given enough lead time. If we are making a brand new mold the price for the first piece will be roughly twice that of a similar item that we already stock. Contact us with your specific inquiries.

Please keep in mind that although these props are neither as heavy nor as hard as their metallic originals, they will still cause pain and injury to anyone forcefully struck by them. There is no truly safe way to hit someone in the head!

Rubber Hand AxeThis axe has a rubber head and actual wooden haft.
This prop weighs 10.5 ounces compared to the 26.9 oz for the “real” weapon.
$50.00 to purchase
Rubber HammerThis is a 13 inch rubber hammer. No, you can’t just whack someone in the still hurts...a lot!
This prop weighs 9.5 ounces compared to 20.5 ounces for the original.
Comes in all black or black with silver head.
$55.00 to purchase
"Axe-Gang" Axe20 inches; 1 pound. Name that film!$5.00
$30.00 to purchase
LugerThis is a replica of the famous German pistol and can also be found on our firearms page. It weighs just less than 11 ounces as opposed to 32 ounces for the original. These props are not made by us but are imported from one of our suppliers.$5.00
$55.00 to purchase
Luger with Period Leather HolsterThis is a replica of the famous German pistol and can also be found on our firearms page. The accompanying leather holster is correct for the time period from WW I to WW II.$7.50 with period leather holster
$105.00 to purchase as a set
DerringerThis double-barreled "riverboat gambler's best friend" weighs in at a mere 3.4 ounces compared to the 24 ounce original.$5.00
$45.00 to purchase
Berretta, Sig-Saur, Steyr, etc.Choose from any of the "rubber" hand-guns listed on our FIREARMS page. These particular guns are not made by us but are imported from one of our suppliers.$5.00
$55.00 to purchase or $70.00 with nylon holster
Tec 9 Assault PistolThis prop weighs about 24 ounces compared to around 48 for the actual pistol.$7.50
$80 to purchase

* 4 week minimum for all rentals.