Some weapons do not fall easily into any category; razors for Sweeny Todd, meat cleavers for that unusual Macbeth and a hook for Pan’s nemesis can all be found here.

Many of the weapons listed here are one of a kind so be sure to call in advance to check on availability or with specific inquiries.



This section has the special weapons for the main characters of Peter Pan. For other “pirate swords” check out our curved sword page.


(4 week minimum)
Size Comparison of Hooks    
Skull and Crossbones Hook Heavy duty with a full cuff that covers the entire hand and wrist. $10
Medium Plain Hook The standard hook with holes for attaching your own cuff or costume piece. Covers full hand only.          $10
Small Fluted Hook The smallest of the three covering most of the hand;
one of a kind
Captain Hook’s Cup Hilt Rapier with Schlager blade Flashy cup hilted rapier with a standard schlager blade. $10
Captain Hook’s Cup Hilt Rapier with Epee blade Flashy cup hilted rapier with a standard epee blade. $10

Captain Hook’s Skull Rapier Schlager-bladed rapier with black Skull and Crossbones. Good match for any Pan sword. $10

Captain Hook’s Cutlass 25 inch blade; one of a kind
Fancy Cutlass with Skull and Crossbones hilt design and barbed tip. Not a good match for Peter’s Epee-bladed sword.
(no scabbard available)
Peter Pan’s Leaf Guard Sword 16 inch blade; one of a kind
This wide bladed sword with steel “leaves” on the guard is a good match for any Hook sword.
(no scabbard available)
Peter Pan’s Simple Epee-bladed Sword 20 inch blade
This light epee bladed sword has a silver dish guard and can be paired with Hook’s epee bladed cup hilt rapier or Hook’s Skull rapier.
Johnny Corkscrew 13 inch wavy blade
This is Smee’s dagger that he refers to as “Johnny Corkscrew”.
(no scabbard available)

* Scabbards with associated frog are $2.50 when available. Simple frogs always supplied free of charge.


(4 week minimum)
“Rough Forged” Primitive Fantasy Sword 28 inch blade; 3 ¼ pounds; one of a kind
This sword was made to look like it was primitively forged by a Post-Apocalyptic Tybalt!
(no scabbard available)
Kukri 12 inch blade; 1 ¼ pounds
The famed Nepalese blade carried by Gurkha regiments in India. We have two in stock in case you need one for each hand.
(18-20 CR, x2 dmg.)
(no scabbard available)
$10 ($15 for both)
Yataghan 19 inch blade; 2 pounds
This Turkish (Ottoman) blade was in use from the 16th to 19th century and features a blade that is curved slightly forward.
(no scabbard available)

Messer 26 inch blade; 3 1/3 pounds
This sword is of German origin and was a descendant of the Falchion featuring a heavy single edged blade with a small shell guard to protect the back of the hand. It appeared during the German Late Middle Ages and remained in use through the Renaissance (14th to 16th centuries).
(available with custom scabbard and frog)
$12.50 with scabbard
Katana 26 inch blade; 2 1/3 pounds
This is a Japanese styled Katana but with a pommel to lighten the feel of the blade. The grip is also wrapped in black leather as opposed to a more traditional cotton or silk Tsuka-ito.
Black wooden scabbard (saya) is available.
$12.50 with saya
Matching Tanto 12 inch blade; 1 pound
Black leather scabbard available.
$5 with Katana
Aladdins Sword Fantasy “Aladdin” Dagger 14 inch blade; 1 pound; one of a kind (Bold and in red as in other examples with the designation)
This is a beautiful dagger with leather wrapped hilt and is the perfect companion to thrust through a sash (or thief!) when browsing a crowded bazaar!
No scabbard currently available.
Aladdins Sword


28 inch blade; 3 pounds; one of a kind (Bold and in red as in other examples with the designation)
The Khopesh is an Egyptian weapon that evolved from the battle axe of the period (as early as the mid-third century BC) but it should be considered more of a sword than anything else. These weapons were often ceremonial in use and generally wielded only by the Pharaoh or other high ranking Egyptians.
No scabbard currently available.
Aladdins Sword

“Aladdin’s Sword”

24” blade; 2 ¾ pounds.
This sword design was created for the Broadway production of Aladdin (originally in aluminum) and is reproduced here in steel.
Scabbard available.
$12.50 with scabbard
Aladdins Sword


9” blade; 1 pound. one of a kind
The Jambiya (Arabic for “dagger”) is a short, curved blade dagger of, broadly speaking, Middle Eastern origin. No scabbard currently available

Aladdins Sword


10” blade; < 1 pound.
The standard sidearm for soldiers of the Roman army (Legionnaires and auxiliaries alike) for literally hundreds of years. These blades are one of the few in our stock made of lightweight yet durable aluminum.
Available with scabbard (also heavy duty aluminum with brass rivets) and integral baldric.
Hilts come in “silver,” “brass” and dark red acrylic.
$10.00 with scabbard and integral baldric
Aladdins Sword

Centurion’s Pugio

10” blade; < 1 pound. one of a kind
A slightly more decorative version of our Pugio above with copper wire-wrapped grip and dark wine colored baldric.
$12.50 with scabbard and integral baldric
Aladdins Sword

King Tut Dagger

10” blade; 1 pound.
These are modeled after the famed “King Tut” dagger unearthed in Egypt in 1922. Ours are made of steel with mahogany grips and brass accents (instead of gold!) and have been enlarged slightly for a better stage presence.
Available with a leather scabbard covered in a brass plate which has been decorated with Egyptian designs in repoussé.
$12.50 with scabbard
Expandable Friction-lock Police Baton 26 inches fully expanded
This weapon should not be used to parry swords, strike steel I-beams, or force open car doors (we wouldn’t mention this if we didn’t have to). They work well unless abused.
Tonfa Style Police Baton 24 inches; 1 ¼ pounds
This is a standard side-handle baton favored by most law enforcement personnel.
Comes with simple ring frog.

Police Officer Belt with Accessories

This nylon adjustable belt is one size fits all and comes with all items pictured including:
1 – Non-firing Beretta pistol, resin with holster
1 – Tonfa style police baton with carrying ring (friction lock baton also available)
1 – Heavy duty handcuffs with leather pouch
2 – Handcuff keys
1 – Spare magazine pouch with magazine
$17.50 with friction lock baton instead of tonfa style baton
Brass “Paperweight” Made of brass, this “paperweight” may have other uses as a theatrical prop. $2.50
Handcuffs These are the real thing! Available with a hinged connector or standard chain these handcuffs come with 2 keys. We recommend that they are kept in a safe place! $2.50
Leg Irons Also the real thing. Chain is “16 in length to allow for shuffling gait.
Leg Irons, Leather Constraint Belt and connecting chain Used for transporting prisoners. Belt fits most waist sizes. Chain has connectors for belt and leg irons. Handcuffs are also designed to pass through belt ring for maximum constraint.
$7.50 set
$10 with handcuffs
Straight Razors These large razors are made of aluminum and are available with a silver (aluminum) handle or horn handle. These are not rigged for blood but we would be happy to offer some pointers on how to do the effect. $7.50

Falstaff Sword One of Shakespeare’s most wonderful (and cowardly) characters takes a dagger and hacks up his sword to make it look as though he has been fighting hard in battle. This sword has been purposefully “abused” with this use in mind.”
(No scabbard available)
Weapons for “Meat Cleaver” Macbeth A whole selection of weapons for a Macbeth that was set in a meat packing district. The client gave us a list of what they were thinking and we put together the following pieces, providing a couple of extras just for fun. See below
Butcher Knives The knives are available with a 12 or 14 inch blade. one of a kind $5.00
Field Knives These knives have a 10 inch blade and are available with or without the “turnip” hook. one of a kind $5.00
Custom Combat Cleaver 8 inch blade; 13 ½ inches overall
This cleaver was made by Baltimore Knife and Sword just for combat! The blade was left in “antiqued” condition.
“Shiny” Cleaver 9 inch blade; 14 ½ inches overall
This is a shiny cleaver although the handle has been repaired and covered in black.
Tri-head Chisel We weren’t sure what this could be used for in a butcher’s shop but it looked pretty deadly! 14-inches long. one of a kind $2.50
Short Axe Technically a bearded axe, we shortened the haft and pictured it hewing apart stubborn carcasses. one of a kind $7.50


* Scabbards with associated frog are $2.50 when available. Simple frogs always supplied free of charge.

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