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Shields were the earliest form of bodily defense and have appeared throughout the ages in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Depending on the period and culture, shields could be constructed of wood, bronze, iron, steel, bamboo, rattan, woven reeds, deerskin, buffalo hide, aluminum or Plexiglas. Round shields were common in many countries and were a particular favorite of the famed Viking warrior. It is this style that we primarily stock although we also carry several styles of bucklers; small shields held by a single grip and used to deflect incoming blows.

All of our shields are made of steel and are quite up to the task of staged combat. Be aware, however, that they are not indestructible and will not withstand full blows by heavy weapons such as maces, hammers or axes. These weapons were, after all, made to destroy armor and shields as well as the warriors they protected. A qualified Fight director will be indispensible in training your actors in their use. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.


(4 week minimum)

Large Round Steel Shield

22 ½ inch diameter; 6 ½ pounds.
Made of 16 gauge steel with rolled edges this shield features a hammered riveted design along the rim, dense foam padding, a solid steel handle and adjustable forearm strap.


Large Round Steel Shield (back view)




Small shields such as these have appeared throughout history from ancient Rome to the European Renaissance. Ours come in a variety of sizes.


Reinforced Buckler

9 inch diameter; 2 pounds.
This solid buckler is made from 14 gauge steel with a steel grip.


Domed Buckler

12 inch diameter; 1 ¾ pounds.
This buckler is made from 16 gauge steel with a wooden grip.


Fluted Buckler

12 inch diameter; 3 pounds.
This buckler is made from 14 gauge steel and is equipped with a steel grip and a pattern of small ridges hammered out from the reverse side to add decoration and strength (fluting).


Large Buckler

15 inch diameter; 3 pounds.
This buckler is made from 16 gauge steel and has a wooden grip.


Rusty Shield

22 ½ inch diameter; 5 ½ pounds.
This is the same shield as above except that it has been purposely dented, textured and painted to appear rusted. It was made for a production of Shakespeare’s Pericles. Despite its appearance it is fully sound and stage combat worthy.



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