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The gladius was the sword that helped to transform a struggling city-state into one of the greatest empires the western world has ever seen. To give credit where credit is due, Rome’s military success was really a product of training and discipline but this incredibly effective weapon surely helped! We carry the two major and most distinctive designs, each named for the city near which the first example was excavated; the Mainz and the Pompeii.

We generally stock four or five of each pattern and all within a group are identical except for the Black and White Pompeii swords. Swords in this group are all slightly different in coloration of the hilt. Please note that we do not stock scabbards for the Mainz pattern Gladii but baldrics and frogs are still available.


(4 week minimum)

Mainz Gladius

22 inch flat ground blade; 2 ¾ pounds.
An early form of the famous Roman sword with distinctive “waisted” blade.
(no scabbard available)


Black and White Pompeii Gladius

20 inch fullered blade; 1 ¾ pounds.
The later form of gladius that was more streamlined and cheaper to produce (important for a thinly stretched empire). Our hilts are made of tough lexan.


Elite Gladius

22 inch diamond cross section blade; 3 pounds.
A Pompeii style crafted for the discerning Imperial Roman Centurion.
Scabbards are dyed a vibrant wine color.


Frontier Gladius

21 inch lozenge cross sectioned blade; 2 ¾ pounds.
A more basic pattern, also in the Pompeii style, for the trooper guarding the Empire’s borders.



* Scabbards with associated frog and/or baldric are $2.50 when available. Simple frogs always supplied free of charge.

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